The inventor of the cotton gin and interchangeable parts, Eli Whitney was born in 1765 in Westborough, Massachusetts. He invented two machines that changed Americas’ cotton industries forever.
The cotton gin, explained in the brochure, was a machine that helped de-seed cotton and produce clean, no seeded cotton faster than human hands could produce. It helped quicken the process of spinning cotton into thread and helped the cotton industry boom. Interchangeable parts, shown with the two torches, were another invention that helped the Industrial Revolution. He thought that if a lot of the same pieces that went together to make a piece were made, then the object would not have to be made one by one. The two torches show you this because if I unscrewed the top of one of them, it would easily fit on the other. Hence the name interchangeable parts.
Eli Whitney died of prostate cancer, a urinary disease of the male reproductive system, in 1825, leaving a widow and four children.

Eli Whitney picture:www.britannica.com