The Rise of Communism and Socialism

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The concepts of Socialism and Communism began to spread during the 19th century, almost at the same time as the Industrial Revolution was starting across Europe. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, some of the greatest philosophers of that time, developed the philosophy of Communism. In 1848 published the Communist Manifesto, which became “Bible” for communists. In Karl Marx’s words: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” Thus, Communism is a type of society that is based on equality and no competition. Marx and Engels saw that in capitalism lots of the working class, the Proletariat, were being taken advantage of by the upper class, the Bourgeoisie. They also noticed that the Proletariat's economic condition was not improving, but deteriorating, but the Bourgeoisie's economic condition was only improving. Noticing all this they ‘called’ upon the Proletariat to overthrow the social order and create a classless society. They wanted the Proletariat to create a new world: a Communist world!

There was another form of Communism. Although it is more of an intermediate form of Communism, it could still be used. This was2005Apr_communist_manifesto.jpg called Socialism, and was based on the principle “From each according to his ability, to each according to his work.” Every one would, based on this, would get not what they need but instead be 'paid' according to how much they work. For example, if some really lazy person goes to work and, does not do anything, then that person will not be supplied with as much food, water, shelter, clothing, etc. as some one who words really hard.

To summarize, in a pure Communist world the government would control everything and everyone would get what he or she needed. But, in a Socialist world the government would own most of the “businesses,” some are still privately owned, and those who commit to the society will earn based on that commitment.

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