Too Late

I’ve been surviving in this trench for days

Like a rat in an alley.

And like a small child,

I wait impatiently for something.

Some hope

Some help


Way back home

is where I think my family waits.

Letters and letters have been sent back

But there haven’t been any replies yet.


When I look up at the sky,

I think of the people who’ve died and suffered.

Yet I can’t help but wonder if

Anyone else watches the sky like I gb105.jpgdo.

However, when I stare at the barbed wire,

I direct my thoughts to the enemies.

The enemies who’ve been watching us

Like a teacher watches a naughty student.

Their hearts as cold as ice.


I suddenly hear a click,

But show no attention what so ever.

Before I know it, people are sprinting away from me

as if I was a monster.

They start yelling at me with desperate faces.

I show no attention.

Just when I realized what’s happened it’s

Too late