To prepare my part of the Lit Circle, I had to stop along the way (being Vocab Enricher) to see if I really understood a certain word and see if anything was too hard to understand so I could look it up and help the other people in my group understand the concept of it. In our lit circle, we first messed it up by doing all of the Discission Director/ Summarizer and then Passage Master and so on, but halfway through we were told that we were supposed to do one of the Discussion Director's question and then find a passage that connects to it as well as the vocabulary. But then we were able to get back on track. However, we then finished early because we had already heard everything that was said and prepared. So, we came up with new questions and we talked them through thoroughly and we even thought of why the author put funny nicknames in this book. We finished all the way to the end and we successfully talked about it and understood wht we read more. But, now we know what we have to do and how to do it properly so we can excel in it.
So doing this has helped us prepare for the time that we are actually going to be graded.