WWI Poetry: Life In The Trenches By: Chris Worrell
Getting ready for the battle
digging a long and deep hole
this is the long, tiresome trench warfare
where two powerful sides meet

external image nw_gas_defence_01.jpg
Bullets raining from, above a metal downpour
the shells start to hit like giant meteors
fire hisses and spits in the dirt corridor
the soldiers all around me crying “no more”
external image BritishOvertheTopSomme.jpg
The officers start to blow their whistles
the soldiers around rise up on their feet
the “no mans land” has been striped plain and bare
not a rat or mouse not even a hare
clip_image002.jpg external image ottawa3.jpg
All the new weapons and the new Gatling gun
this is a Great War the world’s war
the first and hopefully the last one
what are we fighting for?

external image WWI-BW.jpg
When this war will end
the great powers cease fighting
then the suffering of the people will deepen
world peace will end again

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