Our topic is Charlie Chaplin & Movies During The 1900’s. The main person focused on is Charlie Chaplin, of course.

Charlie Chaplin, known world wide as a comedian was born in Walworth, London, England in 1889, 16 April. He starred and produced more than thirty-five films. He divorced three times, each time with a different woman. He also had eleven children, although a few passed away very young. Chaplin took many risks by producing films that other people might have found offensive. He is considered a great legend.

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He first started his acting at the age of 5, and from that point on he continued to act. He first came to U.S from 1910-1912 on a tour with his friend. Five months later he came back to live and produce many comedies such as “Making a Living". Charlie Chaplin, otherwise known as the Tramp, had already become one of America’s most loved actors and was shooting out more movies
Charlie Chaplin
then anyone had within months!
re constructed to fit the every movement of what each character was doing or simply to demonstrate the climax of the story or any other expression, such as a scary tune or romantic song. Dialogue was usually written in words on the screen. Many of the movies in the 1900’s were comedies as they were easier to express what was going on to the audience. One of the most famous movies Charlie Chaplin acted and produced was the film 'Modern Times.' This film was about how factory workers were treated. He was also rewarded an Academy Reward for a comedic actor. Charlie Chaplin acted in many of these.

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Some films of Charlie Chaplin:

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