The Beginning

He walks towards the car
Swallows his gut
His name is unknown
And his mouth is shut
external image WW1group.jpg
One goal today
Must be achieved
The plan is flawless
Greatly conceived

He must walk over there
With grenade in hand
Because that’s the only way
He will kill Franz Ferdinand
external image grenade.jpg
Launches it at the car
And starts to flee
Because only he knows the truth
About what’s going to be
external image franz.jpg
But what he sees makes him start to cringe and stutter
The grenade is a miss and all is skewed
The plans gone haywire
And time is few

Ferdinand is quick
He throws the grenade away
Saves his own live
Now the killer has a price to pay
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Takes a bite of his pill
He’s meant to die
He can’t take any chances
If he is found he might not lie

But now all is black
As he starts to fade
Because now he knows
He won’t be saved

The names are not known, but the facts are real
Franz Ferdinand death was the beginning of something surreal
A war that caused more than 9 million deaths
A war that no one will ever forget
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